Cold Process Soap vs Melt and Pour Soap: Whats the Difference? 🤔

First and for most, Soap is Soap! All soap does the same thing CLEAN!,  rather its a melt and pour, cold process, hot process or a re-batched soap. 

I know as a customer you might not understand the difference so lets explain:

Melt and Pour Soap: This soap is made for a soap base that is melted down and is able to be creative with colors and fragrance. This of it like if you are making a cake from a box where you have the base and if you want to you can add to your cake box mixture to spice it up. This soap process has no cure or wait time and can be used right away

Cold Process Soap: Now this process is like baking a cake from scratch. This process does take longer but unlike Melt and Pour when it comes to design and creativity you are able to do so much more. With CP soap we are 100% in control of all the oils and butters that go into the soap giving your skin luxurious benefits every time. And they look so pretty and unique. This soap process has a 4-6 week cure time and after that the bar is ready to use. 

*we would never ship any CP soaps that are not fully cured, the reason for curing is to have the water in the bar evaporate, allowing the soap bar to become hard and firm, ensuring you a long lasting bar. (melt and pour base already went through this process 🙂)

Again, no all Soap is Soap! At Kali Luxe we love soap making in both forms. 

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