The Start of ScrubBeary


       Creating my company I began reselling false lashes. Two weeks before my launch date, I became severely depressed grieving the lost of my father. Prior to my lost I was attending therapy, and barely hit my two month milestone into my sobriety from alcohol.

     Without drinking I was already losing weight drastically, at this time, I was stuck in bed, not eating, not taking care of myself, not playing with my children, house destroyed, and from the lack of daily activity, I have damaged my sciatic nerve from laying and sitting in bed for 6 months.

      I went MIA on every social media platform and my friends, Mind you, I am a natural social butterfly. But I came to a point where I wanted to slowly get back to something that felt normal. Knowing my father wouldn't want me in this mental state especially as a mother I needed to find an outlet.

     Trying to find anything other than breaking my sobriety to mask reality, I knew I needed find something that kept me focused and would keep me busy, thats when I found soap making.

     I rebranded, changed my company name and Boom, ScrubBeary was born! I dived into my brand harder than ever and ThaSoapMaker was created! 

     In honor of my father I started our mens collection "Flock" which is dedicated and named after him! I found an overall love for making natural skin and body care products. 

     Working hands on in the medical field I have a lot of knowledge in alternative medicine and methods on treating skin conditions. Using my background and education, some of the ideas for beneficial products came easy. From many sleepless nights, I researched, tested formulas, tested products, etc, until I got it perfect.

     Getting feedback from my first customer using a turmeric soap bar, on how it helped with their skin pigmentation and their face cleared up from previous acne scars, I felt that same joy I felt while helping my patients when I was in the field. Thats when I knew, I was right where I'm suppose to be, making Soap! 

     Your body is your temple, so why not feed your skin with only the best skincare, bath and body products that REALLY work! We created products that are all natural to ensure your skins true life span. Skin needs love too! Let's start the change today!