Terms and Conditions

We are a 100% satisfaction guaranteed company and value every customer. If you are 100% unsatisfied with any product we will ship out a new item on us! Contact us via email or phone:

ScrubBeary is not responsible for any reactions that may occur with using any of our products. Please make sure you read all of the ingredients in all items on our site to check for allergens you may have. Products that do not ingredients such as our accessories collection, we are not responsible for reactions from the materials or minerals that are in those products. 

In any result you may experience any reaction contact your local physician or DIAL 911 in severe reactions. 

Handcrafted products are made with love, perfectly hand crafted individually. Handmade products are not factory based processed. Please keep in mind some products may have slight imperfections. All of our products have little to no chemicals making them healthy for our customers which can have differences then store brands.