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Beard Oil (Spray) (Cedarwood Sage)

Beard Oil (Spray) (Cedarwood Sage)

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Confidence is the routine and a great looking beard is the end result! Perfectly blended with oils to help prevent your facial hair from becoming dry, flaky, and tames coarse hair making it easier to comb through.

The natural oils used created a powerful beard oil ensures overall shine, growth and fullness to your facial hair.

Coconut oil will give your beard a barrier, decreasing the formation of lose hairs and spit ends.

Sweet Almond oil promotes beard growth, while giving your hair proteins such as biotin and magnesium. These natural minerals help encourage hair growth and restore hair loss due to stress.

Sesame Oil is an anti-bacterial oil with anti-inflammatory properties fighting against skin infections and promotes hair growth. 

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Beard Oil (Spray) (Cedarwood Sage)
Beard Oil (Spray) (Cedarwood Sage)
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